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  • Do I need a fishing license?
    Yes (for fishing adventures). Florida state law requires each kayak angler to have a Florida freshwater fishing license before you go on your adventure. Click the link: or call 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA to obtain your license today. Florida visitors can get a three-day or seven-day non-resident license instead of the annual pass if preferred.
  • What is the Reservation/Cancellation Policy?
    When you book your adventure, we reserve your party’s timeframe and do not let others book it. A $75 deposit is taken, and your reservation request is reviewed and confirmed to make sure everything is in order for you to have the best experience possible. Upon confirmation, you will be sent a confirmation email with adventure details. Final balance payment is required and will be obtained at the site of your adventure. If Kingfisher Kayak Adventures cancels an adventure due to weather, you will receive a full refund. You may cancel a reservation for any reason up to 48 hours of your scheduled adventure for a full refund. If you cancel a reservation within 48 hours or are a no-show, the deposit amount will be forfeited. All reservation cancellations need to be made by phone at 352-448-8101. We cannot accept cancellations through email or text to ensure we do not miss any guest updates. All refund processing can take 7-10 business days
  • What happens when we cancel an adventure due to weather?
    If Kingfisher Kayak Adventures cancels an adventure due to weather, you will receive a full refund. Often, Florida weather forecasts are not accurate until just hours ahead. We monitor the weather closely and will communicate with you if there is a chance of poor weather. We tend to be conservative when making decisions about weather cancellations because your safety and enjoyment is vital to us. We will ask if there is another day you would like to reserve. If not, you will receive a full refund. All refund processing can take 7-10 business days.
  • Do you have single or tandem kayaks?
    Kingfisher Kayak Adventures exclusively uses NuCanoe fishing kayaks for all adventures. These are sit-on-top kayaks that are some of the most stable on the market, with open deck spaces and can be used as either a single or a tandem (2-person) vessel. If you have beginner kayakers in your group, we recommend pairing them in tandem with a confident paddler. We recommend a tandem kayak for children under 15 years old.
  • Can I bring my own kayak?
    Yes, you may bring your own kayak that you feel comfortable with. However, your guide will have the final say so to determine if your kayak can be used for your adventure. If you would like to bring your own kayak on our guided adventures, please speak with us prior to making your reservation. We cannot rearrange the type of kayaks once we are on the waterway. Rates are NOT discounted for bringing your own kayak.
  • Can I keep the fish I catch?
    As a certified Florida Friendly Fishing Guide company, we work very hard to help protect our natural resources for future generations and promote environmental stewardship. All fishing adventures are catch-photo-release experiences.
  • Are there age limits for fishing and kayak adventures?
    The minimum age limit for our adventures is typically 5 years old. All children younger than 16 years old MUST be accompanied by an adult throughout the adventure. There is no maximum age for an adventure. We recommend that participants be at least 15 years old to paddle their own single kayak. For children 14 years old and below we recommend pairing them in tandem with an adult or other confident paddler. Parents discretion will determine how long their child will be comfortable. But, depending on the skill level required for the adventure, safety considerations, and other factors, your guide will have the final say so for all trip logistics and potential changes during the adventure.
  • Is there a maximum weight?
    Weight limitations are variable depending on different kayak model capacity and equipment loaded. Generally, we have kayaks that fit most needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.
  • What do I wear and bring on my adventure?
    Florida Fishing License – Call FWC 1-888-347-4356 or go to: Water and/or other hydrating liquids (Alcoholic beverages are prohibited) Food and/or snacks Any medications you require Sunscreen/lip balm Depending on the time of year, bug repellent Appropriate clothing for conditions and weather. Consider the following: You will likely get some water on you (it is kayaking after all) Comfortable sun protection (hat, polarized sunglasses, breathable materials) Layers and a warm hat for cool/cold weather (it does get cold in North Florida) Rain gear (weather forecasts are often wrong) Extra set of dry clothes for after the adventure Water or wading shoes for foot protection at ramps and shorelines If you have any special needs or requirements, please let your guide know well in advance of your adventure
  • Do we need to be early?
    The launch site and time will be discussed with you prior to your adventure and is the exact time we expect to see you. If you want to be a little early that is fine, but we may still be preparing for your arrival up until the meet time.
  • What are your payment options?
    Cash, Venmo, Visa, Mastercard, Discovercard
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