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Get up-close and personal to some of the best fishing in North Central Florida. Kingfisher Kayak Adventures currently focuses on two types of bass fishing adventures: Bucket List Suwannee Bass Adventures and Florida Strain Largemouth Bass Adventures.

We work very hard to help protect our natural resources for future generations, and all fishing adventures are catch-photo-release experiences. We primarily use artificial lures, but will occasionally try some live bait - depending on availability and customer preferences.

Bucket List Suwannee Bass Adventures

The Suwannee bass is a relatively new and rare species of black bass. Initially described in 1949, it’s native to only two river systems in the entire world! The Lower Suwannee River and its scenic tributaries are one of the few fishing grounds for this elusive, beautiful fish. Typical motorized boats can find it challenging when navigating the winding and shallow offshoots of the Suwannee, like the Santa Fe and Ichetucknee rivers.


Fortunately, that makes it excellent for the kayak angler looking to find less pressured waters and is a terrific way to catch both the natural, scenic beauty of Old Florida and that rare “bucket list bass." Year-round fishing in these waters is enjoyable, and during the February to June breeding season, the adult Suwannee bass show off their brilliant turquoise glow on their cheeks, breast, and belly.


While it’s a small species of bass (trophy-sized are recognized as 14 or more inches or 1.5 pounds), they have all the fight of their more commonly known cousins, the Florida strain largemouth bass, which also live in these waters. With the largest Suwannee bass ever weighed being only 3 pounds, 14 ounces, there is a chance on every outing that your “bucket list bass” could also be a new world record!


Florida Strain Largemouth Bass Adventures

The State of Florida is (arguably) the fishing capital of the world, and a big reason for that is the Florida strain of Largemouth bass. This species gets bigger, longer, and does it faster than their Northern bass counterparts, and the results can be giant.


Chasing and catching these behemoths on a fishing kayak is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. Fortunately, there are multiple large bodies of water with trophy bass in North Central Florida, including Orange and Lochloosa Lakes, and the trophy bass factory, Rodman Reservoir.


If large bodies of water in a kayak aren’t quite your speed, your guide knows numerous smaller bodies of water in the region that can hold big bass as well. Soft plastics, such as speed worms and senkos, will help you fish the thick vegetation and call up some big ones almost any time of year




Santa Fe River


Rodman Reservoir


Lake Wauberg 


1/2 DAY (4 HOURS) - $220

1 Angler | $70 for each additional person | Max 3 Anglers

3/4 DAY (6 HOURS) - $270

1 Angler | $70 for each additional person | Max 3 Anglers

FULL DAY (8 HOURS) - $360

1 Angler | $70 for each additional person | Max 3 Anglers

*$75 deposit is required for reservations


  • Qualified, friendly, and insured fishing guide

  • NuCanoe sit-on-top fishing kayaks (single or tandem): Very stable fishing platforms and made in the USA

  • Paddles

  • Personal Flotation Devices (PFD): Required to be worn by every angler

  • Rods, reels, tackle, lures*

  • Photos

  • Small cooler for food and drinks

  • Dry bag for small valuables like wallet, cell phone, and keys


    *There may be added fees to cover the use of live bait.


  • Florida Fishing License – Call FWC 1-888-347-4356 or go to:

  • Water and/or other hydrating liquids (alcoholic beverages are prohibited)

  • Food and/or snacks

  • Any medications you require

  • Sunscreen/lip balm

  • Depending on the time of year, bug repellent

  • Appropriate clothing for conditions and weather. Consider the following:

    • You will likely get some water on you (it is kayaking after all)

  • Comfortable sun protection (hat, polarized sunglasses, breathable materials)

  • Layers and a warm hat for cool/cold weather (it does get cold in North Florida)

  • Rain gear (weather forecasts are often wrong)

  • Extra set of dry clothes for after the adventure

  • Water or wading shoes for foot protection at ramps and shorelines

  • If you have any special needs or requirements, please let your guide know well in advance of your adventure

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